It was another dreary day in Vancouver (as usual), so what could be better than going out for hot pot? I had seen the reviews on Toyotomi and it seemed that their key differentiating factor was that they also served sashimi with their hot pot! =O Now imagine that. I had to try it. So off I went with a few of my friends just before Halloween.

The restaurant was tucked away on the very quiet Anderson Road. When I turned onto the street it was pretty dark and it seemed like there were no restaurants in sight, yet I was sure it was there (thank you google maps). It was inside a big office building? and when we walked in they had a nice display of Japanese things on a long table. Think teapots and fans and trinkets like that.

They offered a regular AYCE hot pot set for $14.99 and for $6 more, you could get the fatty beef, lamb, seafood and SASHIMI. =D I thought that they also had an interesting list of appetizers too like ice pineapple, takoyaki, chicken wings, chili fries, and chicken nuggets amongst other things. The rest were pretty standard items.

Takoyaki and chicken wings. I thought the chicken wings were fried quite nicely here but it wasn’t really seasoned or anything. Just your typical fried chicken wings. I wasn’t expecting much for the takoyaki either, the battter was pretty thick and the outside seemed a bit over fried but oh well it’s AYCE! Expectations are lowered anyway.

Ah our lovely pile of MEAT <3 And beef tataki too. I was surprised they had this too, some of us were skeptical and thought it might need to be cooked haha

I like how they serve almost everything on ice in a big bowl so it keeps the food more fresh! We got some noodles, veggies, mussles, wonton, fish tofu, fish balls etc.

I think these are pretty big for mussels right?

We saw something called “crispy salmon” on the menu and we had no idea what that meant so being the adventurous foodie, I made us all try some. It turned out to be spicy salmon on some kind of crispy taco shell thing. It was actually pretty good too. They might need a better name though…

Our beautiful pile of sashimi =) The presentation was nice with the spicy salmon and tuna in a shell to keep the sauce separate from the rest of the sashimi. I think serving this on ice was probably the best idea! I think they used too much green onion and garlic chips though.

So my friends decided to try the chili fries and in chinese it said that it had 7 spices/flavours but in reality they tasted like regular fries, you can see the seasoning but it didn’t really give it much flavour. It wasn’t even really salty. The chicken nugget were like the Costco frozen kind which I expected.

My friend also decided to get instant noodles just for kicks and it looks exactly like what instant noodles should look like.

We did run into one small problem though, my friend found a small bug floating in our soup from the veggies :S We told them that they needed to wash their veggies better and they apologized. Otherwise, I was quite satisfied with my experience here and I will definitely come back! It’s probably my new fave hot pot place. Not that I really had one before. =D

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