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After visiting Purple Olive Grill, we shopped for a bit and ended up looking for dessert. I just have a huge sweet tooth and there’s always room for dessert right? I would give up dinner to just eat dessert. We went to Thierry but they didn’t have any seats left because it was so busy and we didn’t want to sit outside either. After looking up some suggestions on Urbanspoon, I suggested Mink Chocolates but when we got there it was closed. Turns out they close at 6pm so I guess it’s not a late night dessert type of place. So then we headed to Trees Organic Coffee on Granville and they claim to have Vancouver’s best cheesecake! That’s a pretty big claim with all the dessert cafes in Vancouver. Thankfully it was also right by the Waterfront station entrance so it was super convenient for us.

When we got inside they had live country music playing and it was quite crowded inside but we managed to get seats in a corner. A pamphlet at the counter said that they had live music on Thursday and Friday nights. I think free live music is a great way to get more foot traffic into businesses since everyone wants entertainment in our no-fun city. However, this wasn’t my kind of music in this case.

That’s not even the whole display case

They had so many flavours of cheesecake and they all looked equally tempting to try. There was Apple Crumble, New York, Mocha, Blueberry and Pumpkin Spice. However, we chose to share the Chocoholic cheesecake and the Sin cheesecake. Each slice costs $6.99 but the portions are really big!

I like how they decorate the plate with chocolate first and it looked like their whipped cream was made in-house too. I would have liked it more if it was in a more solid form though because it seemed to be dissolving and melting faster than usual.

The chocoholic cheesecake was really dense to eat but I like how they had a chocolate cookie type of crust at the bottom. It wasn’t too sweet either with just enough chocolate flavour.

This was the Sin cheesecake (no we did not take a bite first it came like that!). It was like a combination of chocolate and New York cheesecake with some dried raspberries in it and a chocolate cookie crust as well. A major difference between the Sin and the Chocoholic was that the Sin was a lot smoother and much more creamy! That also made it feel less dense but due to out previous meal, we could not finish the two slices between the three of us. It was quite a delectable treat!

Price and quality wise this was a very good cheesecake. On the other hand I haven’t tried cheesecakes everywhere so I can’t say if it’s the best in Vancouver but they do seem to be pretty close! I also liked this better than the cheesecakes at True Confections. At $6.99/slice, I will definitely be back to indulge in every other flavour (with a friend or two of course).


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