Victory Seafood Restaurant

My parents randomly wanted to go out for dinner this weekend. My mom went for dim sum with her friends and she said it was pretty good for $2.98 per dish before 12pm. Hence we decided to go for dinner. Victory seafood restaurant is located in Crystal Mall and that equals bad parking lots… The restaurant was actually really big but the only problem was that it was more than half empty. That did not inspire confidence in me at all. I swear there’s nothing more awkward than eating in an empty restaurant. Ok maybe there is. In fact half the restaurant didn’t even have the lights on properly since no one was sitting there. I suppose it’d be a good location for banquets though.

The menu also looked a bit sparse to me with dishes ranging from $14-16. They also had some specials for $12.98 and a different page where you get to choose four dishes for $78 and they’ll give you a lobster, crab or fish too which means you get five dishes. I think that was a pretty good deal but we went for the $12.98 dishes.

This was panfried shrimp with soy sauce. It definitely had soy sauce flavour and the shrimp was average in size but seemed a lot smaller than the ones I had at Fisherman’s Terrace although I can’t really compare them.

Panfried pork chops in soy sauce. Since we were choosing items from the $12.98 menu, they didn’t have that many meat dishes and I always get one. I don’t think I’ve had pork chops in soy sauce before but it was actually pretty good and not too salty. The meat was tender enough too.

Ok some of this was eaten before I remembered to take a picture oops. This was veggies panfried with black beans and garlic. This was better than I expected but maybe it was because it was salty enough for me haha

We also ordered a coconut curry with chicken and veggies. The curry had a very very mild flavour to it. I liked that they included a variety of veggies such as squash, onions and peppers. The chicken was also tender but they could have given us more pieces or bigger pieces since they probably had more veggies. The sauce could have been more flavourful or spicy or curry-like…

Stir fried lotus root with snow peas and pork jowl. I thought this dish was well executed and pretty standard. The lotus roots and snow peas were crunchy and the pork was nicely cooked and crunchy as well. As the night went on a few more customers came in and they turned on the lights to the rest of the restaurant but it was still only half full… =S I find that really disturbing… maybe they rely more on their dim sum for business but it’s pretty cheap too. My parents talked to the owner and he said he was opening another restaurant soon in Richmond near the Richmond Public Market so I guess they must be doing well enough.

Last but not least, we have the usual red bean soup. Pretty standard stuff.

Ok I have to say it wasn’t that impressive here and I probably won’t come back unless my parents want to. The food was ok, portions were good and the service was good since the waiter came to change our plates like three times.  I think their menu needs more variety too or just more dishes.


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