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Funny I haven’t blogged about Applause yet. It feels like I’ve been here a million times already although I didn’t always have a food blog. Applause is located in the Marpole area and conveniently close to my house! It’s probably the best Japanese restaurant in the area too. It’s quite small inside but nicely furnished and they have Japanese waitresses so it seems pretty authentic. Although the menu isn’t extensive, they have a great selection of rolls for good prices. They also offer a dinner box for around $16 too.

IMAG0204First off we always get gomae! I think this is the best place for gomae ever! The spinach is well coated with the perfect amount of peanut sauce and sesame oil. It wasn’t drowning in the sauce either. If you like gomae I’m sure you’ll like this version.

IMAG0205Agedashi tofu. Not a huge fan of tofu but it was nicely done.

IMAG0206Assorted tempura with squash, carrot, yam and two pieces of shrimp. This was nicely done as well, perfectly crisp, hot and delicious. Also not greasy!

IMAG0207Ok I have to talk about my absolute favourite roll here: The caterpillar roll!!! I’m sure you can tell which one it is. It’s tobiko and avocado on top of an unagi roll. I love unagi rolls already but the combination of avocado and tobiko on top just seems to make it even better! The avocado was also incredibly smooth too.

The other rolls we had were the soft shell crab roll, Alaska roll and the House roll. I’ve never really ordered a soft shell crab roll before but I wanted to try it this time. It tasted ok but didn’t think it was that special. ¬†Perhaps I’m not a fan of soft shell crab? Overall the quality was really good. The fish in the house roll was also very fresh.

This is probably one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. They have super friendly service and consistent quality was well. Try it and you won’t be disappointed! I’m so glad they’re in the neighbourhood :)


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