Claypot Hotpot Restaurant

My friend came back from her co-op term in Calgary so we all got together for hotpot! I haven’t been to Claypot for a long time but they’ve renovated since then and it looks much nicer. More TV’s and comfy chairs. The menu has a pretty good selection of meat, seafood and veggies too. I also like how they have a good selection of soup bases and you can mix choose two different ones for $10. They also give you free sa-cha sauce (uhm not sure what it’s called) unlike some places that charge you extra for it.


IMAG0238The only problem we had was that there were some food items that seem to have been missed after our second round of ordering and service was a bit slow. I think it’s a solid place for all you can eat hot pot although I do prefer Toyotomi more (read my post here) because they have sashimi too! Also they have some other interesting deep fried snacks besides what goes in the pot.


Claypot Hotpot and B.B.Q. 農場火鍋 on Urbanspoon

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