Kyung Bok Palace

My friends and I were trying to organize a Christmas dinner and we somehow ended up choosing Kyung Bok Palace for all you can eat Korean BBQ. Not my number 1 location for dinner but I went along with it. The restaurant is quite big and we had a reservation for 14 people originally but we ended up having to have two tables. We were hoping to have one big round one instead but that didn’t seem to be an option. For all you can eat there are two options, either the Lite menu or the Deluxe menu. Since the Deluxe menu just included some sushi roll options, we went for the Lite menu which was also $4 cheaper. And we all know that the sushi would be substandard anyway. With all the amazing sushi options in Vancouver, it’s probably not worth it.

IMAG0257Side dishes. I think the pickled radishes could have been more… pickled. They didn’t really have much flavour. Same with the bean sprouts.

IMAG0258Spicy rice cakes. I don’t have much experience with these but the spicy sauce was sorta generic? I don’t know what I was expecting… The rice cakes themselves were quite chewy which I liked.

IMAG0260Pork bone soup. This actually tasted quite good, it was mildly spicy but salty enough. There was actually really soft meat falling off the bone. There was also japchae (glass noodles) but I forgot to take a picture.


The meat! Our favourite was the marinated tender beef.  It was definitely very tender. The meat selection was limited to pork shoulder butt, fresh pork belly, marinated chicken, and pork sirloin. All for $17.95.

Ok so it was pretty typical for Korean BBQ aka we just ate a lot of meat.


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