Moxie’s Classic Grill

After watching Les Miserables (the singing was really good!!!), we went shopping on Robson and eventually ended up at Moxie’s for dinner. I haven’t been to Moxie’s in like 2 years but I remembered that I really enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant and their cushy purple booths.

We started off by sharing a Hawaiian Hunny margarita! This was made with blue curacao? bellini slush and pineapple juice. Quite tasty and I loved the blue colour!

IMAG0282The pineapple taste was lost halfway through the drink though. Maybe we should have mixed it first. They made this really fast and this cost $5.99 for 1oz.


My friend got the Red Thai Chicken curry which had chicken and veggies with lots of pieces of naan bread. This curry seemed pretty sweet to me and didn’t seem to have many spices to it but it was still tasty.


I got the Ranch-House Chicken burger and the chicken was surprisingly soft and super tender! Although size-wise it seemed a bit smaller than other burgers that I’ve seen but the fries made up for it so I didn’t mind too much. The fries could have been crispier though. It was funny that the pickle on top was so cute and small.


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