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So I haven’t been to White Spot in ages and it’s not one of my go-to restaurants but I felt like having burgers and fries plus we went to the Richmond Centre location where I conveniently needed to do some last minute Christmas shopping. We were seated in a comfy booth right away despite the restaurant being quite busy on Christmas Eve. It was 1:30pm and there were still a lot of people. I remember reading about their burger guest stars which included a peanut butter, bacon jalapeno burger and it did sound like an interesting combination but once again, I was drawn away by my pulled pork addiction.

IMAG0262Okay I know it doesn’t look like much but it was really good!!! The bread which was suppose to be panini bread was incredibly soft. There was just the right amount of pulled pork, cheese and onions although some people might prefer more value wise. I know some places have coleslaw in it but this sandwich didn’t which was fine with me. Instead I think they had a some cabbage? It wasn’t too dry or overly drenched in BBQ sauce either. It also didn’t drip too much as I was trying to eat it. I actually ate all of this (which is saying a lot for me)!!! The Caesar salad was also up to par. You really can’t screw up salad!

IMAG0263Close up! The bun was reaaaally soft!!!

IMAG0261My friend had the Monty Mushroom Poutine in an appetizer size. It was loaded with bacon, mushrooms, Jack cheese and gravy. I wish the fries had been crispier though and it could have used a bit more cheese too. But overall it was good enough.

I was quite happy with the pulled pork sandwich and the speed of service so maybe I will be visiting White Spot more and they have plenty of locations in the Lower Mainland. The portion sizes and pricing is pretty good too.


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