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It was the second day of school and everyone was still in vacation mode so we decided to eat out after school at Applause. I was attempting to dine out after having my wisdom teeth removed and it had been a few days so I felt safe eating soft food. Avoiding food was so hard for a foodie like me! =( I never knew you had to open your mouth that wide to eat certain things… On the other hand, everything I couldn’t really eat looked much more appetizing! While I was sitting at the bar, I finally noticed that they actually have a menu board with daily specials/chef’s specials on it! I swear I’ve never seen it before!!! Maybe I will try some of those items next time.

IMAG0297It just so happened that we were sitting at the bar and I got to watch the chefs prepare all the food. All the food I couldn’t eat!!! T_____T” *DROOLS* (ok I admit this picture makes me look like a stalker since I was kinda hiding behind these plants…)

IMAG0298My friend ordered this combo … I forgot which one. Two pieces of the nigiri belong to my other friend though. This combo also comes with miso soup. The presentation was very nice and the fish looked very fresh. Couldn’t try this =(

IMAG0300Agedashi tofu! Something soft! Although I had to nibble through the crispy skin first. This was served piping hot and ok I don’t have much else to comment on since I don’t really like tofu that much anyway but it was good!

IMAG0299My other friend also ordered the Rainbow roll. I got to watch as they prepared it too. Apparently they wrap the entire roll in saran wrap before they cut it up! I think this is to make sure the fish don’t fall off in the process. The presentation was beautiful as well and it looked much more appetizing than the rolls at Tokyo Joe’s.

IMAG0301Finally I had the yakisoba with chicken. I noticed that they were a lot of bean sprouts mixed with the noodles along with some cabbage so you’ll definitely get a good portion of veggies with this. The noodles were well flavoured and the vegetables gave the dish a nice crunch. It was also not too oily and the chicken was tender enough although the pieces could have been bigger but the overall portion will make you very full anyway!

As usual, it was a solid meal at Applause. =)

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