Bake Day Over Winter Break

My friends and I decided to bake at a friend’s house near the end of the holidays. This is becoming somewhat of a tradition now! And of course our baking gets better every year ;)… I hope. There were a lot of goodies that we wanted to make but they had to be fail proof as well!

Our first item of business: chocolate chip muffins! =) Recipe here.

IMAG0302Making the batter!


Okay the recipe only asks for half a cup of sugar so it wasn’t sweet enough for us so maybe I’ll probably adjust it to one cup next time. Also I think we might have undercooked it a bit but it was still ok!

IMAG0314Next we made Pillsbury Crescent Rolls! I love Pillsbury stuff it’s always easy to make and tasty too and these were no exception. Ok ours were rolled up weirdly but trust me they’re very buttery and soft. I’ve also been browsing Pinterest a lot lately and I noticed a lot of innovative recipe ideas for crescent rolls such as adding chocolate and marshmallows or ham and cheese. Check out this Pinterest account for more ideas!

PS. we got the reduced fat kind ;)


Finally we made banana chocolate chip bread! It is recommended that you use really ripe bananas for this but ours weren’t quite there yet and apparently mashing them and leaving them to sit for ten minutes will give them more banana flavour!

IMAG0305Mushy bananas! Yeah doesn’t look that appetizing right now… we also decided to add cocoa powder to make it even more chocolatey!

IMAG0315Tada! I’m so proud of us =’) In my haste I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing oops but it was super light and moist and fluffy. I thought it would be a bit more dense. And you could taste the banana and chocolate flavours although I think we might have overdone the cocoa powder a bit. Not that I’m complaining! =D


I’m totally going to make this again sometime!!! Thanks to Chef John for the recipe which can be found here. He also added walnuts but we skipped that.

The day was a success and we stuffed ourselves with lots of yummy baked goods =)

What did you think?