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Thanks to a VANEATS Twitter giveaway, I was lucky enough to win a Super Bonchaz dining pass! I finally got to use it yesterday too with my foodie apprentice ;) Bonchaz has a new location on the corner of Broadway and Main so it’s quite convenient to get there if you’re taking public transportation. The interior is quite small but cozy with only seating for maybe 10-15 people. It’s also brightly lit due to all the large windows they have. The dining pass includes one soup, one bonchaz (banana walnut, chocolate truffle and original) and your choice of a sandwich: vegan, avocado and brie or beef bulgolgi. Unfortunately they said that they had sold out of the beef bulgolgi by the time we got there but it was only 2pm so we thought that was a little early to be sold out but that also means it must be very popular! So we went with the avocado and brie instead along with the corn chowder with spicy sausage and a chocolate truffle bonchaz.


All the flavours looked very good! IMAG0349

The cashier offered to warm up the bun for us and we gladly agreed. IMAG0351The outside of the bun was slightly sticky with a bit of a crumbly topping swirled on top. The bun was slightly sweet and the chocolate truffle was not too sweet and it had just the right amount of chocolate for a chocolate lover like me. For 1.75 at regular price it’s a pretty good deal. I think I’m addicted already!

IMAG0350The corn chowder had just the right hint of spiciness from the sausages and had ample amounts of corn, potatoe and onions in it. And maybe some other veggies that I couldn’t identify. We both found this to be very enjoyable.

IMAG0347Finally we have our avocado and brie sandwich! This seemed really healthy due to all the veggies in it. The cheese along with the avocado gave the sandwich a very creamy taste. The bread is also made in house as well. It was quite soft and tasted fresh. This was a fairly good sandwich but I think I would have enjoyed the beef one more. x)



Lastly I was tempted to try another one of their desserts so we settled for the Lemon Crumble. It was a pretty big piece for $2.65 just right for sharing! When the cashier saw us struggling to split it with a plastic spoon he offered us a real knife haha =_______= This lemon crumble was actually not very crumbly which is good since I’m a messy eater anyway. The lemon filling was refreshing and cool but not too sour either. I also enjoyed the crust which was quite solid and had a slight buttery? taste.


Their wifi password is nice buns! haha Also you can get a free bonchaz with the purchase of any coffee before 10:37am… such an odd time but I guess that’s what makes them unique?

I was very happy with everything I tried here and I would totally come back for another bonchaz if I’m in the area! The other sandwich options looked very tasty as well (I noticed a pulled pork one!). Thanks again to for giving me this great opportunity! =)

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