Froshberg Gelato at Richmond Centre

Froshberg Gelato opened at the newly renovated Richmond Centre food court last year. I tried it once but I forgot to take pictures so I haven’t blogged about it yet. Since I was quite impressed last time I had to go back and try some other flavours! I’ve sampled the matcha green tea, peach mango, lime and pistachio flavours and they were all very good so it was hard to decide on what to buy. I like the sorbet flavours because they have just the right about of tartness without losing the fruity flavours but it wasn’t icy either.

IMAG0285I ended up getting a double scoop with tiramisu and donatella which is pretty much chocolate hazelnut flavoured. Think Ferrero Rocher. Both flavours were really smooth and creamy. I think their gelato is definitely on par with other gelato places in Vancouver (Vivo! Gelato, Gelarmony etc.). I would definitely drop by again if I had a gelato craving. Sometimes it’d be hard to choose between gelato or froyo with Pinkberry right beside it but since I’ve worked at a gelato store before I think I’m slightly biased towards gelato ;) I’ve been meaning to try Bella Gelateria which is suppose to me amaaazing but still haven’t gotten around to it yet =(


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