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My family always has a hard time choosing a restaurant to eat at due to the many choices we have here in Vancouver and Richmond. So after two hours of debate (yes really) we ended up going to the Roc. However, they told us it would be a while before they could give us a table so we headed elsewhere. I suggested Sun Sui Wah because I knew it was nearby on Main street so that was where we ultimately ended up. I’ve also never been there for dinner before. I’ve heard a lot about this restaurant because they’ve won many awards. Recently they won the 2013 Diner’s Choice award for their BC Dungeness Crab Dish. They also have a location in Richmond as well. Check out Vancity Buzz’s article on Vancouver’s best Chinese restaurants for 2013.

Their menu was actually not that extensive or fancy and they also had a separate menu for more of their specialty dishes and that’s where we ordered all our food. First off, we usually have soup and instead of getting our usual fish maw and crab soup we tried a soup with enoki mushroom and duck breast.

IMAG0334This had a fair amount of ingredients in it and it wasn’t too thick and starchy or watery either. It was just right! It was flavourful and not overly salty. There were also ample amounts of duck slivers in each bowl.

IMAG0335Then we had a dish with more duck in plum sauce with taro. The duck wasn’t drenched in the sauce and it was sufficiently tender and not too fatty. My mom really enjoyed their taro as well but I didn’t try it since I don’t really like taro.


This was my favourite dish of the night! This was pan fried Halibut with green onions in a garlic sauce. The Halibut was really soft and flaky and there were hardly any bones either. Even the green onions tasted good due to the garlic sauce they used.

IMAG0337We also ordered the free range chicken. Chicken is a must-have for all my family dinners. For some reason this did not come with the usual grated ginger and green onion sauce. Otherwise I did think that it could have been seasoned a bit more.

IMAG0338Mmm lamb hot pot with bean curds. This also came with a side of cooked lettuce mixed with a small amount of oyster sauce that you can put into the pot as well. I love the stand for the pot.

IMAG0339There was quite a bit of bean curd and there could have been a bit more lamb but we were very satisfied with this dish. We were also surprised that it came with lettuce because it usually doesn’t at other restaurants. Over the course of our meal, our waiter came by to change our plate three times even though they weren’t really that dirty. We were really happy with the standard of the customer service here. I mean they do win a ton of awards! On the other hand it really wasn’t busy on the day that we went. The restaurant is really big and perfect for banquets but it seemed like a slow day.


IMAG0340Finally we had tapioca pudding for dessert! I like this much better than red bean soup so I was a pretty happy camper. The manager even walked by and asked if we wanted another bowl O__O that’s never happened to me before but we were way too stuffed to eat any more!

This restaurant also seemed to have more of a non-Asian clientele than other Chinese restaurants and while I was there, 3 different tables were celebrating a birthday. I’m pretty sure I’ve been eating out way too much lately but my family and I were really satisfied with our meal here. The dishes weren’t extremely special but well done. We will definitely come back again sometime. The only small thing I might want to complain about is that their washrooms could be nicer!

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