The Moon – UBC SUB

The Moon is located downstairs of the UBC SUB along with some other food vendors. Compared to Manchu Wok they are a lot cheaper! Although Manchu Wok probably has slightly better quality control and consistency? Okay I don’t usually eat here but I just had a huge craving for unhealthy sweet and sour pork! I knew it wasn’t going to be great but I just had a craving for greasy fast Chinese food!


It costs $5 to get one item with rice or noodles and $6.50 for two items and rice or noodles. I got one item with noodles and they gave me plenty of sweet and sour pork. Of course I don’t expect quality here but the meat was a little tough to chew and maybe the sauce could be thicker but I like how the sauce drenched all the noodles and made them sweet and sour too. They also sell other items like deep fried chicken wings, broccoli and beef etc. and some other made to order items as well. I guess it’s ok if you’re a student looking for a quick filling meal.

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