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It’s that time of the year again where participating Vancouver restaurants offer fixed menus for $18, $28 and $38 for the Dine Out Vancouver Festival. I had previously heard a lot of good things about the Boathouse and I liked their menu so my friends and I decided to venture to their English Bay location. There were many other interesting restaurants that I wanted to try but they all seemed to have $38 menus…

IMAG0369When we arrived, we waited about 10 minutes to be seated even though they really weren’t busy. They have a dining room upstairs and a downstairs area that had more of a sports bar vibe. When we were presented with the menu, it turns out that they also offer a $38 menu as well but we stuck with the $28 menu.


For my starter I decided on the calamari. I love deep fried stuff! I found that this calamari wasn’t particularly seasoned but it was crispy and the texture wasn’t too chewy. The best thing was that it was served with a sweet and sour sauce of some sort. Usually it’s just served with a tzatziki sauce and  I found this one  to be quite mild in flavour.

IMAG0371My friend had the lobster bisque which I didn’t get to try but she said it was pretty good. Interestingly enough it came on a plate with the lobster in the middle and then the rest of the soup was poured over it.

IMAG0372Usually restaurants like this will serve you complimentary bread but they somehow forgot ours and we had to ask for it when we saw that all the other tables had some. It was sourdough bread served warm and straight out of the oven with some garlic butter.


The other side!
The other side!

For my entree I had the lobster and prawn curry bowl. I was surprised that it was unlike traditional Asian curries that come with a lot of sauce. Okay I shouldn’t have been that surprised since this was a fusion type dish. This dish came with quite a lot of veggies including cherry tomatoes, snow peas, red peppers and onions. I like how the veggies added colour to the presentation of this dish. The prawns had a slight crunch to them but the lobster felt a bit too overcooked? Also it had too much of a charred taste on some parts so it wasn’t that great. Finally you may be wondering where the curry is in this dish. The Jasmine rice was actually infused with a mild curry flavour making it very moist and tasty but I wish they had used more of a traditional curry sauce instead. I enjoyed this dish and the portion was pretty big too.


My friend had the cedar plank sampler which came with steelhead, wild salmon and pacific cod with mango salsa. There didn’t seem to be much mango salsa but the fish was very tender and moist. Actually to the point where it seemed almost uncooked in the middle … not sure if that was normal or not. The fish seemed a bit on the bland side and there wasn’t any particular flavour to it but I liked that it was super soft and flaky. My favourite was the wild salmon and then the steelhead was a close second.

IMAG0377My other friend had the 7-oz fire grilled sirloin medium rare. The mashed potatoes were delicious but the sirloin kinda fell short of my expectations. It was a bit too tough to chew despite being medium rare… I’m not a steak expert but that’s what I thought.

IMAG0379For dessert we all had the mocha mud pie with chocolate ganache and maple almond. Ok obviously I’ve never had a mud pie before because this was not what I was expecting. It was basically like a mild mocha flavoured ice cream cake with a crumbly chocolate crust topped with whipped creams and maple almonds slivers. The whipped cream was mildly vanilla flavoured and I wish the chocolate ganache was drizzled on top of the mud pie. I liked that this was a very light dessert because I was quite full after my entree. The almonds gave the dessert a nice crunch and I like the sweetness it gave the mud pie. On the other hand I was not overly impressed with this dessert either. 

Overall this was a pretty good meal but nothing really stood out to me that much. The service could have been more attentive too.

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