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I’ve been dying to visit Suika for a while now especially after reading all the rave reviews. My friend and I managed to get there after I misread the map and thought it was past Burrard but it was actually between Granville and Burrard on Broadway. Oops! Anyway we were only ten minutes later for our reservation so it was all good. The exterior of the restaurant is very plain looking so it might be easy to miss if you were just passing by.

Suika bottle chandelierI’ve seen all the pictures of their famous bottle chandelier so I had to take a picture too! I was seated almost beneath it so I couldn’t really admire it as much.

Suika We found that the interior design of the restaurant was really interesting and unconventional and there was a certain ambiance to the restaurant as well. Unlike Guu, there was no order yelling and it was a lot more quiet inside although the service was still very friendly and attentive.

Chicken Karrage I have this huge thing for chicken karrage and all sorts of fried chicken in general so I had to get it. I did not notice that in the description it said that it was to be served with salt and pepper so I was a little disappointed that it didn’t come with Japanese mayo. However, it was equally delicious with or without it. There were six large pieces of boneless chicken and served piping hot. The chicken was very tender and juicy while the outside was crispy. It also didn’t feel too oily either.

Suika snackbox Next we had the deluxe Suika box filled with 9 appetizer samples. I’ll try and remember what they all were since the waitress went over it quite quickly!

Suika Snackbox Ok from top row: tuna tataki, lotus root with some dressing, spicy tuna

middle row: eggplant, spicy tofu, crackers and cream cheese

bottom row: some sort of cucumber salad with some meat, chicken with tomatoes and cucumbers, duck breast

We found it strange that there was crackers with cream cheese… otherwise the other appetizers were quite tasty although a few weren’t particularly special such as the spicy tofu (which was just firm tofu with some sauce over it) or the lotus root. Nonetheless they were all enjoyable! My favourite was the tuna tataki and the spicy tuna along with the unidentifiable meat and cucumbers. However, I don’t think I will order this again. For the price of $12 it seemed a bit pricey to me and I would rather get a different entree item instead.

Negitoro Battera Next up we had the negitoro battera which was pressed sushi with tuna, green onions and avocado with a soy dressing and seaweed sauce. Although the seaweed sauce doesn’t look too appetizing, the overall taste and texture was amazing! It just melted in your mouth and the flavours came together really well! I did not expect it to be that soft since it was called pressed sushi so I expected it to be more solid. The rice did seem to be a bit too soft though so it made it difficult for me to pick up the sushi although I could be lacking chopstick skills. I’m definitely going to be trying more pressed sushi! *drools*

Kakuni Bibimbap Finally we had the kakuni bibimbap was pork belly on rice served in a hot stone bowl. Mmm everything served in a stone bowl smells extra aromatic. The pork belly was sufficiently tender but still had some chew to it and went well with the marinade that they used for the rice and the rice was flavourful.

Overall we enjoyed our meal here and we loved the restaurant’s ambiance and decor. They were also showing Ultraman on a large TV over the bar as well. I also wish I had ordered some more interesting items so I will definitely come back sometime! Or I might have to try their sister restaurant Kingyo on Denman. The pricing is fair and in line with other izakaya establishments and their drinks selection seems pretty extensive too.

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