A Quick Visit to Bel Cafe

It was a super sunny day in Vancouver which was also rare but it was a sign that spring had come! I happened to be in downtown on this lovely spring day and decided to drop by Bel Cafe for a macaron. I got caught up in the macaron craze last year but I still have a lot left to try! Bel Cafe is located beside Pacific Centre in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia. They also serve a variety of sweets and savoury sandwiches and of course coffee. Bel Cafe is also the sister store to Hawksworth Restaurant. The interior was cozy looking but not too big either.

Bel Cafe macaron

Excuse my textbook! They had about 10 flavours of macarons and I settled for the cookies andย crรจme.ย  Yes just one! The top was sprinkled with cookie crumbs and the macaron had nice “feet”. These are a bit smaller than the ones from Thierry but equally yummy! The cookie part was a bit more on the crunchy side and it could have been more chewy. The filling may be on the sweet side for some people but I didn’t mind. It tasted exactly like cookies and creme! At $2 each after tax, this was pretty good and I would come back to try their other desserts as well. The service was also very friendly! I was offered water even though I was just sitting there to eat my one macaron and read a bit.

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