Chop Steakhouse and the Best Burger ever!

Last week my friend celebrated her birthday at Chop Steakhouse in Richmond. It’s located in the Sandman Hotel right by the highway and it’s pretty hard to get there if you’re not driving. However, they do have plenty of parking if you drive! Since we had reserved for a table of 12 they gave us a private room! It was massive with sliding doors, a TV and the chairs were very large and comfy. The restaurant was very empty but having our own room made us feel special despite the fact that we only had 8 people after all. We were impressed with the decor of the restaurant and the room’s aesthetics. Like many other fine dining establishments, Chop was also very dark (dark pictures coming up!). Is there a correlation between the lighting and the quality of the restaurant?

sourdough breadWe started off with some complimentary sourdough bread that was served warm with butter. You can’t tell from this picture but that’s actually a mini loaf of bread that was cut into four slices.

Chop Steakhouse mushroom risottoThe birthday girl had the mushroom ravioli: “artisan ravioli stuffed with roasted Portobello and Cremini mushrooms in a creamy white wine, sage and butter sauce, finished with Asiago cheese”. I didn’t try it but I heard it was good!

chicken apple salad with toasted pecansMy friend had the chicken apple salad with toasted pecans. After a while she noticed that the chicken part was missing! We asked the server about it and she said that they would bring it out in a few minutes. The salad tasted fresh and the minted yogurt dressing was very mild while the dried cranberries and strawberries gave the salad some sweetness. When the chicken came, it was not remarkable. It was lightly seasoned and cooked properly. The waitress also told her that she would take off the charge for the chicken which was nice of them. On the other hand, we thought it was strange since the chicken was part of the salad so we weren’t sure how they would deduct it if it wasn’t suppose to be an add-on. Anyway, it all worked out in the end and $5 was knocked off her bill.

Chop Burger As much as I wanted steak which is the point of being at a steakhouse, my wallet disagreed with me. Hence I had the Chop Burger: ” our hand-formed steak burger with aged white cheddar, double smoked bacon, dijon, onion relish and basil aioli on a house-made kaiser. Served with our Chop cut fries”. This burger was massive and stacked with onions, tomato, lettuce and bacon of course. The burger was super moist and juicy with a very large thick patty! The patty had a light charred flavour that went well with the smoked bacon. It was extremely delicious and the taste of the white cheddar was prominent enough to be noticed amongst the other flavours of the burger. Now I am not a burger connoisseur and I don’t even order burgers that often but this might just be the best burger I’ve ever had! <3 It was just surprisingly good for a burger and I wasn’t even extremely hungry. Furthermore, the fries were thin cut, very crisp and well seasoned with salt and pepper. They were so darn tasty I couldn’t stop eating them in between bites of the burger!

chop burgerOkay this picture just doesn’t do it justice but it was amazing to me!!!

IMAG0505They had a beautiful wine display case.

IMAG0506Look at all the alcohol up there!

We were all satisfied with our visit here and the servers didn’t forget about us and came to check on us a few times despite the fact that we were in a separate room. They also had a very large and spacious washroom too! Chop had a very trendy and sophisticated feel to it and it would definitely be a great place to bring your date for a romantic night out! Unfortunately I did not get to try their steaks but I wouldn’t mind coming back here for it.

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