Kam Do Restaurant Bakery

My friend really has a thing for suggesting going to Kam Do since he knows I don’t really like it but since I’m an amateur food blogger now I decided to give it another go. Kam Do is a more traditional and older style HK cafe on Alexandra road. They are well known for their wife cakes which I love. They also serve rather large portions of food too.

Since we were just eating lunch I was debating between some sandwiches for $6.95 or fried rice/noodles for $7.95. They have a pretty diverse menu with different specials for lunch and dinner as well as breakfast and it took me a while to decide! I finally went with a spicy Malay fried rice noodle dish.

Kam Do restaurantThis came with pieces of bbq pork, some shrimp, red and green peppers, onions, green onions and some bean sprouts. Despite the nice yellow colour, it was actually quite flavourless. It was neither spicy nor salty and they could have used a lot more sauce. So I wished I had ordered something else instead. The portion was really big though.

cold milk teaI ordered my usual cold milk tea.

IMAG0569My friend ordered baked seafood on rice which came with this complimentary vegetable soup. I was not tempted to try this …

IMAG0570They also seem to offer complimentary appetizers with his dish so he had a piece of spam and smoked salmon on some lettuce. They could have used a much smaller plate!

IMAG0571Garlic bread that I did not try either.

baked seafood on riceFinally here is the baked seafood on rice! There was quite a lot of seafood and it tasted pretty good. The cheese they used seemed saltier than usual. Coupled with the soup, garlic bread and appetizer, this is more than enough food for most people! It did cost a bit more though since it came with so many side dishes it was around $12.95.

The table beside us ordered a teppanyaki dish to share and it was piled high with food topped with an egg and also came with some sort of potato salad! That looked much better than what I had ordered. Besides the fact that my dish was a bit tasteless…, it was probably a good deal quantity wise and if you want some quick HK style cafe food. So I guess I don’t hate it as much now haha and you must really try their wife cakes! They also have a separate bakery location right next to Richmond Centre.

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