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I was at Chop Steakhouse as mentioned previously on my Chop Steakhouse post, and afterwards we had cake from True Confections. They have won a lot of dessert awards and I remember from visiting their store that they had really tall cakes!

True Confections Hazelnut Belgian MousseThis was their Hazelnut Belgian Mousse which was flour-less dark chocolate cake piled with chocolate mousse and chocolate shards. I love how the appearance of the cake is so unique due to the shards of chocolate sticking out. The mousse was thick and smooth but not too sweet. I found it to be a bit too thick for me though since it was all mousse and the flour-less chocolate cake was only on the bottom of the cake to give it a bit of a crust. I would have preferred the cake and the mousse to be layered more. However, it was still very enjoyable!

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