Dim Sum at Fraser Court

I feel like I haven’t had dim sum in so long. Mostly I’ve been eating the left overs that my parents bring home when they go without me but I finally had my chance last weekend! We decided to go to Fraser Court which is currently one of my fave places for dim sum. This will mostly be a picture post.

IMAG0672I always have to order deep fried dumplings with pork and shrimp. I like how the outside is deep fried but still soft and chewy.

Fraser Court Stir fried sticky rice! The rice wasn’t that sticky and albeit oily but very delicious!

IMAG0674Here we have chicken buns, siu mai and a dumpling with corn and shrimp. I really liked the dumpling with the corn since it was a refreshing touch to the usual dim sum ingredients. It was also stuffed with shrimp. The siu mai was a very tender pork meatball with just the right amount of shrimp. I think the chicken buns were ok but I didn’t try them.

IMAG0675We also had some shrimp spring rolls. The spring rolls were crisp and stuffed with shrimp! It also came with a black vinegar dipping sauce.

IMAG0676Finally a dim sum meal isn’t complete without egg tarts! These were standard egg tarts and the custard was not too sweet.

What did you think?