Jumbo Sushi: A Great Hole In the Wall Discovery

Jumbo Sushi is located right across from Richmond Centre in a small strip mall that I’ve never really paid attention to. If you’re driving by you’ll most likely miss it. I had read about it from other bloggers and it looked promising. Thank you Urbanspoon! The inside is very clean and simple looking with a few tables and plastic chairs. The walls are covered with pictures from the menu which makes ordering easier. Or harder if you’re indecisive like me! They seemed to have a lot of specialty rolls but at affordable prices.

Jumbo Sushi Menu

Jumbo Sushi Party Trays

These party trays look like they’re pretty good deals!

Jumbo Sushi

Jumbo Sushi
The other side!

From top to bottom: Sea Monster Roll, BC Lions Roll, Rainbow Roll, Firecracker Roll 

The Sea Monster Roll was covered in seaweed salad with a piece of shrimp tempura inside and unagi on top. I really liked this since I love seaweed!

Next up is the BC Lions Roll which had spicy salmon inside and salmon tempura on top. I thought the salmon tempura provided an interesting contrast to the raw salmon inside.

The Rainbow Roll was probably the roll that I was the least satisfied with since the fish on top was sliced quite thinly and it looked a bit mushy? Otherwise it was really cheap ~$5 so I can’t really complain if the quality reflects the price. Usually Rainbow rolls are around ~$9.

Finally we had the Firecracker Roll which was served warm. It consisted of  cooked tuna served inside a lightly fried roll with green onions, mayo and spicy sauce. I thought this was interesting too since it wasn’t really battered but still deep fried which made it slightly crunchy. It actually wasn’t weird that it was warm either.

Jumbo Sushi

We decided to go for one more roll which was the Jumbo Spicy Salmon Roll. This is pretty self explanatory and matched the description perfectly. There was spicy salmon inside the roll as well as on top. It was also topped with green onions and something crunchy like tempura batter. At this point I pretty much liked all their food so I have to say this was pretty good too! 

The sauces on the rolls provided them with enough flavour so that soy sauce wasn’t really needed. Each roll also came with 8 pieces although they might be on the smaller side. However, the pricing really makes up for it! Unlike Tokyo Joe’s (see my posts here and here), the rolls were also not falling apart either. The staff seem quite friendly too and you can help yourself to tea or water. The location is also convenient since it’s a short walk from the Canada Line. This is probably my new favourite hole in the wall sushi joint! =) Does anyone else have any other hole in the wall recommendations?

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