Revisit: Jumbo Sushi

My friend and I were so hooked on Jumbo Sushi we had to go again soon! :D Yes it was that good the first time. Read my first blog post here.

Jumbo SushiDoesn’t it look beautiful already?

Jumbo Sushi

This was the Red Roll. This roll had chopped scallop inside and it was topped with salmon, deep fried bits of batter and an interesting vinaigrette.

Jumbo Sushi

Okay I forgot what this was called but it had avocado tempura on top! That was interesting because the texture was crunchy and then smooth.

Jumbo Sushi

I believe this was the OMG roll with smoked salmon and cream cheese and also some shrimp tempura inside. The smoked salmon wasn’t too salty and there was just the right amount of cream cheese too.  In the middle of this picture we have the Caterpillar roll. While there was nothing wrong with this version it didn’t stand out very much either. We also ordered the Seamonster Roll again which had shrimp tempura, imitation crab meat inside and topped with a piece of unagi and copious amounts of seaweed salad. Very delicious! It’s probably my favourite roll here now.

Jumbo SushiDespite all the seaweed that came with the Seamonster roll, I also decided to pig out some more and ordered seaweed salad. This was about twice the amount that you would usually get anywhere else so it was a super generous portion. On the other hand I think the seasoning could have been better though. I also appreciate small portions now because after I ate the whole thing it was really too much :S

Jumbo Sushi offers great deals on specialty rolls and the dining space is clean while the food is fresh. There’s nothing I don’t like yet!

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