AYCE @ E-Bei Sushi

I am not a fan of AYCE sushi anymore but my dad wanted to go for Mother’s Day and we hadn’t had AYCE for a long time. We quickly made a last minute reservation at E-Bei on Granville. I haven’t been there in 4 years and it pretty much looked the same as before except they added some booth seating I believe. Or my memory fails me.

E-Bei SushiE-Bei SushiE-Bei SushiE-Bei SushiE-Bei SushiE-Bei Sushi

E-Bei Sushi

Here’s some of the food we ordered. I thought the quality might have been better than I remembered but nothing was really special. Food was fresh, presentable and came quickly. Unlike Ninkazu where they offer you a Lite and Deluxe AYCE menu, E-Bei just has one menu for $24.95 (+$1 for weekends). I thought their food selection was about the same was the Deluxe menu at Ninkazu. The restaurant was also not very busy so maybe Kyo is taking some of their business down the block.

PS. Park on the street because you have to pay for their parking lot.

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