Capstone Tea and Fondue

After watching Iron Man 3 with my friends (it was awesome!), we headed over to Capstone Tea and Fondue on Robson. They open at 3 on weekdays and I made a reservation for 3pm. I needed to use my Groupon even though it expired. I  had purchased it for their chocolate and cheese high tea fondue set but I never got around to using it. =( Also I had a hard time getting a reservation since before they had an email for you to email but it wasn’t very efficient. They also had no phone number listed anywhere due to a high volume of phone calls apparently. Finally they came up with an online reservation system and they have a separate link for people with Groupons. Anyway we finally made it here!

Capstone Tea and Fondue

Capstone Tea and FondueBetween the three of us, we shared the chocolate fondue for two ($24.95) and right away I noticed that the pots of fondue they gave us were a lot smaller than they used to be! Maybe half the size? The rest of the set was essentially the same. We were offered a choice of two fondue “dips” and we chose honey graham crackers and roasted peanuts but ended up with coconut flakes instead. We didn’t bother returning it though. The 6 ice cream balls also seemed to be smaller than they used to be. The fruits were all very fresh and everything tasted good with chocolate! Except maybe the pineapples and grapes…The cookies were really hard to pick up and dip though. The bananas were the best (after the ice cream balls)! =) Also to be fair, we did have enough chocolate for everything seen here. Perhaps we used it strategically though since we knew there wasn’t thaaat much?

Capstone Tea and Fondue Matcha BananaWe also got a drink to share since I still had another $3 left to use from my Groupon. Capstone offers a variety of hot and cold tea drinks. Or “teaspresso” drinks. I chose the Matcha Banana slush which was ($5.95). I thought the drink was pricey  but it tasted pretty good. It was just sweet enough and there was a prominent banana flavour with hints of matcha. There is also an option to use soy milk or skim milk for an extra 50 cents.

Capstone was a nice place to hang out for some dessert. They are open till 11pm or 12am and they also have another location in Richmond. The server we had was super nice and checked on us several times too so I was pleasantly surprised. They also run Groupon deals very frequently so check back often but remember to use it!

Happy long weekend everyone!

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