Soho Tea Room- Free Toast Special!

Okay I have to admit that the cheap Asian in my perks up at the sound of FREE. In this case, Soho Tea Room offers a special from 2-5pm daily where if you buy a bubble tea drink of $4+, then you receive complimentary free toast! Sounds good already and toast is valued at around $4 too. I finally decided on getting their Sesame milk tea with pearls and the Condensed Milk with Butter Thick Toast.

Soho Tea Room I enjoyed this version of sesame bubble tea because the texture wasn’t too gritty and you can taste and see the ground up toasted sesame seeds too. On the other hand, I found the pearls to be too hard so they may have been previously frozen or something. =(

Soho Tea Room MMM okay I have to say this was really good. How can you ย not like toast with condensed milk and butter?! The edges were nicely toasted and crispy while the middle was super soft and delicious! You first taste the sweetness of the condensed milk and then the saltiness from the butter afterwards and it was just warm and heavenly. Oh and did I mention FREE yet? ;)

Soho Tea Room Meanwhile my friend had the Satay beef with rice noodle soup.ย I really liked this too although it wasn’t very spicy at all. Also the rice noodles ended up soaking up all the soup and they expanded so this is something you should eat right away!

You can also read about their honey toast boxes in my post here.

PS. I’m not being paid to visit them. I just realized I sound like their brand ambassador already. =_________=

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