Bella Gelateria

Summer is the perfect time for ice cream and gelato right? That’s why I couldn’t pass up the chance to try Bella Gelateria when I happened to pass by after an interview. Actually I lied. Any time is a good time for ice cream! =D I’ve heard about all the awards that this gelateria has won and I was curious to see how good it was.

Bella Gelateria

Bella Gelateria

Unlike other gelato places, Bella Gelateria does not openly display their gelato. Instead, the gelato is kept in large metal cannisters with lids on them. Maybe this keeps it more fresh? I sampled the salted caramel, the chocolate and Belgian brownie and the limoncello cheesecake. I wanted to sample more but I was too embarrassed to ask and there were other customers haha… They were all very soft, creamy and flavourful but I ended up falling for the chocolate and Belgian brownie. I can’t seem to resist chocolate! I did find it to be pricey though at $5.50/scoop and a dollar more for a waffle cone but they do use high quality ingredients. It’s not somewhere that I can visit frequently and I am easily satisfied by other gelato options but you should at least try it once if you’re in the area!

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