Cheap Eats at Sushi Garden

While my friend and I were shopping at Metrotown, we decided to check out Sushi Garden across the street for lunch. We arrived at 1:30pm and hurray no line ups! In fact we were promptly seated as well. Every roll on the menu was around $4 so we decided to get three: Alaska Roll, Unagi Roll  and Salmon and Cream Cheese Roll.

Sushi GardenMy favourite roll here was the Alaska roll due to the sauce they used that gave it a slightly acidic taste. Presentation wise it could use some work like fixing the piece of smoked salmon falling off but it was a fair deal for ~$4!

Sushi Garden

We also decided to order Assorted Sashimi too. It was about $14 for 18 pieces. Ok this deal was almost too good to be true but it turns out they gave us 5 super small pieces of shrimp. I wasn’t too upset though since it was so cheap. I’m not familiar with getting shrimp so is it suppose to be that small? Fish was fresh though!

We probably had the fastest sushi lunch of our lives since we were only there for about 25 mins and it wasn’t busy. I still prefer going to Sushi Oyama down the street though but at Sushi Garden you get your bang for your buck.

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