Hub Restaurant and Lounge

I finally managed to gather a bunch of my friends for dinner last week and we headed to Hub Restaurant and Lounge. Everyone seems really busy now except me… The restaurant was lined with a lot of TVs covering different sports and the interior wasn’t too dark. It had the typical bar/lounge feel to it. It’s extremely close to the Yaletown station though it’s literally across the street. On the menu they have “hub’zas” and eventually we figured out that they were Hub style pizzas.

Hub Restaurant and Lounge

I ordered the Ring of Fire which was a burger with “Frank’s hot sauce, chipotle mayo, sweet texas bbq sauce, jalapeño and roasted red peppers, [and] jack cheese”. I love spicy food so this burger was calling my name. The roasted red peppers were pretty spicy due to the hot sauce but in an addictive way. The bun was plain and could have been more interesting but it served its purpose. The entire burger was a mess to eat due to all the different sauces dripping out and yes, it was actually spicy! I had to occasionally pause before eating again. The Caesar salad was fresh and they used just enough salad dressing. It also helped balance out the spiciness from my burger. I’m glad they don’t charge extra for a side of Caesar salad.

Hub Restaurant and Lounge

My friend had Mama H’s Meatball Linguine. She said the marinara/tomato sauce made it too sour for her.

Hub Restaurant and LoungeMy other friend had the Beef Dip with a side of Caesar Salad as well. I tried the beef which was made from prime rib and it was quite tender and tasty.

Someone else ordered fries but we found them to be too dry and crunchy and perhaps overcooked? It’s hard to screw up fries though but these were below average. =( We were not that impressed with the food but it was alright for pub food. I did like my spicy burger though. Hub might be a good place to watch sports games at a great location and the pricing and portions were reasonable for the Yaletown area.

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