Michigan Noodle Restaurant

Michigan Noodle Restaurant is in the same complex as the ever popular Cattle Cafe and Deer Garden. I happened to come here spontaneously after trying to go to Haroo upstairs but there were no tables left and we didn’t want to wait. Conveniently enough, Michigan was downstairs and we got the last available table. It’s actually not that big inside either. They specialize in wonton noodles but of course I did not go for that. Instead, after deliberating for ages, I got… Sweet and Sour Pork. Yes I’m pretty boring and so many other dishes looked good but I went with something safe. =__________= It was also only $7.99! Actually they had a lot of $7.99 dishes that I was interested in.

Sweet and Sour Pork

The pork was crispy and not overly sweet while the slightly sweet onions had a nice crunch along with the pineapples. Yum! Okay I promise I’ll order something else the next time I go!!! But you can’t go wrong with classics right? I had to order rice on the side though because it doesn’t come with any.


IMAG1021My friend had “lo mein” (mixed noodles) with wonton noodles and beef. I was expecting more of a thick salty sauce instead of this light soup broth. It made the dish very light though and maybe more healthy? It was nice that it wasn’t premixed so you can add as much or as little soup/sauce as you want. The beef was also tender and lightly salted.

Michigan Noodle Restaurant seemed like it had good options for wonton noodles as well as other dishes and service was very prompt as well.

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