Giant Almond Pretzel @ Whole Foods

I was wandering around Whole Foods because I’ve actually never really been in there before. Being the baked goods enthusiast that I am, I naturally had to check out their bakery section. They had a variety of cakes, cookies, brownies and other yummy things. They also had pre-packaged bakery goods too including flavoured marshmallows from Butter Baked Goods! I was trying to decide what to buy for a snack when my eyes fell on a Giant Almond Pretzel.Β Although the cookies were calling my name (giant snickerdoodle anyone?), I had to get the pretzel. The frosting looked absolutely delectable and the pretzel didn’t even look like a traditional pretzel. I tried asking the cashier if she preferred the cookies or the pretzel and she said both were equally popular so I went with my intuition and bought the pretzel. I don’t think Whole Foods is known for their bakery but the food just looked really good! Or that’s the glutton in me talking…

Whole Foods Almond PretzelOkay you probably can’t tell from this picture but it was really quite big! Despite being called an almond pretzel, there really weren’t that many almonds on it. However, I was not particularly miffed since I was not a huge almond fan anyway. So why did I buy an almond pretzel? I suppose I was merely impressed by the frosting and the appearance of the pretzel. And maybe because I haven’t had a pretzel in a while. The best part about the pretzel was indeed the frosting though! It tasted like lemons and cranberries and in case you haven’t noticed, I’m really into lemons right now! This was just right up my alley. The pretzel was on the more flaky side but parts of it felt dense while other parts felt soft. The almond flavour was mostly covered by the frosting which was pretty sweet.

Sorry for the long pretzel post but it was interesting to say the least and not like a traditional pretzel. Where do you find pretzels in Vancouver anyway? Gotta try the cookies next!

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