La Casa Gelato: Welcome to Gelato Heaven

Summer is probably the best time for gelato and La Casa Gelato has been on my list forever. Sure I went once when I was 10 but that doesn’t count anymore. La Casa Gelato has over 518 flavours and counting according to their website. I knew that it would take me forever to decide on what to order. When my friend and I arrived around 10pm the store was still buzzing with over 20 gelato-craving customers.

This is how it works: First you go up to the counter and pay first. Then they give you a coloured chip that you will give to the servers once you’re ready to place your order. Meanwhile, you are free to sample as much as you’d like! I was surprised that the samples they gave you were pretty big. I felt like I sampled at least one scoops worth of ice cream before I ordered!

La Casa GelatoMy friend ordered Straciatella (bottom) and Creme Brule (top).

La Casa GelatoAfter much debate, I ordered the Banana with Chocolate Covered Marshmallows (bottom) and Hazelnut Frangelico with Chocolate Shavings (top).

I found that the flavours of their gelato were really good. I tried not to pick flavours I would usually get. Moreover, they were generous with the portions too! It costs $7 for two scoops and $5 for one scoop. My friend insisted that even if you order one scoop they’ll give you two of the same flavour so you should order two different flavoured scoops? The most interesting flavour I tried was Apple Wasabi. It tasted exactly like green apples and then your tongue is hit with the spiciness from the wasabi and the flavour was strong too! There were just too many flavours to choose from and I would’ve spent even more time sampling if my friend didn’t have to leave soon. I liked a lot of their flavours! *drools*

La Casa Gelato actually has a monthly contest where you can enter to win a $25 gift card to their store. Enter here for your chance to win! What’s better than free gelato?

This is definitely the place to visit on a nice summer day and you can get your moneys worth from sampling pretty much! There’s something for everyone here. =) The only downside would be the location. Also… I only found one chocolate covered marshmallow in my gelato. =(

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