Marble Slab: Free Birthday Ice Cream

It was my birthday last week and since I had signed up for the Marble Slab newsletter, I was entitled to a FREE medium cone with one mix-in! =) Yayyyy! I admit I only signed up for the newsletter just for the birthday cone hehehe Also when you sign up you have the option of signing up three of your friends as well! I thought that was pretty sweet.

Marble Slab CreameryIf you’ve never been to Marble Slab, the concept is that you get to choose a flavour and then mix in some sort of topping which is usually candy or chocolate chips etc. Or you can also purchase some of their pre-made creations as well.

Marble Slab CreameryThe medium cone is HUGE. I’ve never had so much ice cream in my life. Okay I probably have LOL After sampling a few flavours I chose the Chocolate Raspberry with Fudge Brownie for my mix-in. I found that the flavours of the ice cream were quite mild and not particularly special to me.  I prefer gelato more. However, I think the point of going to places like Marble Slab or Cold Stone is to mix-in something with your ice cream and that’s the fun part. I thought the brownie tasted sort of grainy after it was mixed in though. It just didn’t taste like a brownie anymore and the texture was a little weird with the ice cream.

You can get some interesting creations here and you should definitely sign up for their newsletter! They also offer low fat yogurt options.

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