Me-n-Ed’s Pizza: Non-Traditional Crusts

I went to Me-n-Ed’s Pizza last summer and I was surprised at how thin their crust was! So my friend and I decided that it was time for another yearly visit. This time I wanted to try their breadsticks too. They offer cheese bread, garlic bread or Ed’s bread. We went with Ed’s bread which were soft and chewy breadsticks covered in Italian herbs and cheese. They were super soft and delightful to eat. I would be satisfied just eating their breadsticks! You also get a choice of Ranch dressing or tomato sauce for dipping. I’m a Ranch fan so I went with that.

Me-n-Ed's Pizza One thing I like about Me-n-Ed’s is that they have mini sized pizzas! I think they’re about 6″ and since the crust is so thin it won’t be too filling either. We had a mini of the Soprano which had Boccocini cheese, tomatoes, capicollo and onions.

Me-n-Ed's Pizza I was expecting the tomatoes to be a LOT smaller though. I obviously have no idea what Roma tomatoes are. I also thought the basil leaves should have been incorporated into the cheese and not just floating on top. Nonetheless it tasted alright. You can also ask for a whole wheat crust for a healthier pizza! By the way, capicollo is an Italian cold cut meat made from pork shoulder.

Me-n-Ed's PizzaThey also let you create your own pizza as well so we had a mini with Italian sausage, onions and spinach with sundried tomato sauce on a whole wheat crust. Mmm this was much better than the Soprano! I’m so proud of my little creation hehehe On the other hand, I realized how easy it is for spinach to get stuck in your teeth… good thing I don’t have braces anymore!

I enjoyed my visit here again and their restaurant is pretty quiet usually due to a lot of take out orders. See my last visit here! We also had a friendly server as well but you don’t really get much service here. This is the place to go for pizza with a non-traditional crust!

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