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8 Juice has been in the Aberdeen food court ever since it opened but I was never compelled to try it. Maybe it was the higher price point relative to it’s neighbour Estea, or the fact that I had never had an interest in juice before when powdered fruit-flavoured bubble teas seemed to satisfy all my cravings already. 8 Juice offers drinks in small, medium or large in a variety of fruit flavours. They have a huge display of fresh fruit behind their counter! You can also order up to two flavours in one size without being charged more. Unfortunately I only read that after I had ordered. =_________= Oh well. Also if you want to have add-ins like grass jelly, coconut jelly or mango stars, that will cost you an extra $0.57.

8 Juice Aberdeen This was my medium sized Mango Juice with Grass Jelly. The mango juice wasn’t too thick and it was just cold enough but not that cold. The grass jelly gave it a bit of a slippery texture and a little something to chew on. The drink was not too sweet but refreshing enough. It’s also healthier than bubble tea! I hope…

8 Juice Aberdeen

My friend had the Watermelon Juice with Coconut Jelly. This drink was sweeter than mine and my friend commented that the sweetness from the coconut jelly overpowered the watermelon flavours. When I tried it, he was right indeed. I don’t mind though since I like sweet things! Also, I found my grass jelly rather bland after trying the coconut jelly. It’s all relative! I also have to admit I’m not even much of a grass jelly fan but I was feeling up for some variety.

Overall, it was better than I expected! I found it amusing that their store slogan was “Drink Fresh”. It reminded me of Subway’s “Eat Fresh”. Maybe they can cross promote…

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