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Dinesty is located in a plaza beside Lansdowne along with Ebisu and Chapters but I had never really paid much attention to it before. When I had Shanghainese food cravings I always went to Top Shanghai across the street but finally I was ready to try Dinesty after reading a lot of good reviews. It was a moderate sized restaurant and rather modern inside. We didn’t have to wait in line since it was a weekday and it was already 1pm. Yes I seem to eat late lunches right?

DInesty Richmond


Looks good right? Pictures are worth a thousand words so drool away!Β Dinesty RichmondWe went for lunch and we were presented with the ordering sheet above. I was glad that their menu is equipped with many pictures though because even though I can read Chinese the pictures help!

DInesty RichmondSo being the “adventurous” eater that I am, I decided to get the Sesame Seed Cake with Egg. I’ve never had a sesame seed cake before and it looked flaky in the picture. However, it was just very starchy and didn’t have much flavour. The egg didn’t taste like much either so I was pretty disappointed. I should have got the Beef Pancake Rolls instead! Well now we know…

Dinesty RichmondOf course the one thing that you MUST get at any Shanghainese restaurant is the Xiao Long Bao (XLB)! There was plenty of soup inside and the skins were quite thin. One did break though =( But otherwise I thought they were pretty good and the soup inside was not overly salty either.

Dinesty RichmondThe cold dish picture above is various beef parts in a chili oil sauce.Β I think there was beef tendon, beef stomach and something else. It was not a dish that I would usually order but I found the chili oil sauce appetizing. I think they should have served this first!

Dinesty Richmond

Dinesty RichmondWe also ordered Noodles with Mushrooms and Pork Sauce. When they say sauce it practically looks like soup! The sauce was slightly spicy and the noodles were just chewy enough. I really like this kind of sauce!

There were also a lot of other menu items that I would love to try and before our food came I already knew I wanted to come back lol I also like their open kitchen concept. It makes you wait even more anxiously for your food! By the way, a new Dinesty location recently opened up on Robson street as well.

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