Faubourg Downtown: Luscious Lemon Tarts

Faubourg’s new location has just opened this week across the Art Gallery on Hornby St. I think their store fits perfectly into the downtown scene and they’ll do well against competitors like the infamous Thierry and also Bel Cafe. Both are within a two block radius. The new location is bright and inviting with a small patio and the interior is larger and more spacious than their Kerrisdale location. I can already see it as a great place to catch up with some friends over coffee and dessert. Since it had just opened, it was not very busy but there was a steady flow of traffic for sure.


I’ve only been to their Kerrisdale location once so I can’t really compare anything. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’m going through a slight lemon phase! Slight may be an understatement though… Anyway, I decided to satisfy my cravings by ordering the Lemon Tart. Aesthetically speaking, I loved how the lemon curd was so perfectly round! haha The chocolate on top was semi-sweet I think but it was chocolate and it was good. The lemon curd was a delectable combination of tart but sweet. The texture was nice and creamy and underneath the lemon curd was a layer of something like meringue? It was white and a bit marshmallow-like with a mild flavour I can’t quite describe. The white particles on the outside were like rock sugar and gave the tart a little bit of crunchy sweetness. The tart itself was just buttery enough and didn’t fall apart easily. Indeed, this was one of the best lemon tarts I’ve ever tried. I still need to try the one from Thierry though!

I’m sure Faubourg will do very well at their new location and it will give dessert lovers downtown more variety as well. They also have a loyalty card program where if you buy 9 drinks, the 10th one is free. I’ll be back to indulge in more sweets soon!

EDIT: I went back and tried their Almond Croissant as well and it was probably the best I’ve ever had! Keep in mind I haven’t had that many before though… it was soft and a bit chewy on the inside and slightly crunchy on the outside. But it was not so flaky that it just falls apart and lands all over your clothes. The exterior of the croissant was decorated with almonds and icing sugar while the almond filling inside was just sweet enough but I think there could have been more almonds. Or more filling. Nonetheless I really liked it and it was better than I expected!

Faubourg Almond Croissant

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