GI Gelato & Coffee House

Continuing on with my Granville Island eats, we visited GI Gelato and Coffee House. They had a selection of 18 gelatos and sorbets as well as coffee and a few pastries. The gelato selection wasn’t huge but there should be something for everyone. No matter how small I say the selection is, I still take forever to choose a flavour…

GI Gelato and Coffee House

One scoop costs $3.57 which is about average. If you want a waffle cone, it will set you back another 50 cents. On the left we have Japanese Green Tea and on the right we have Maple Walnut. The green tea was packed with matcha flavour and if you love green tea, this will make you a happy camper! The Maple Walnut was sweet with maple flavour and there were a few nuts to give it some texture. These were good-sized, creamy scoops of gelato. They weren’t particularly special but it was still good enough for me.

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