Shanghai House Restaurant

Whenever my parents want to go out for dinner, I always suggest Shanghainese food. We also always have a hard time deciding on a restaurant since there are so many options! This time we went to Shanghai House on No. 3 Road and Cook. It’s located in the plaza where Staples is across from Richmond Centre. It was a week night but I was still surprised to see that the restaurant was only a quarter full.

Shanghai House RestaurantTo start, we ordered the Hot and Sour Soup. It came with the usual ingredients like tofu, wood ear fungus and bamboo shoots. However, it was very sour and not hot at all. I’ve definitely had better.

Shanghai House RestaurantNext we had the Chicken Marinated in Wine Sauce. The wine flavour was very prominent and the pieces of chicken had a good amount of meat on them.

Shanghai House RestaurantOf course we can’t visit a Shanghainese restaurant and not order Xiao Long Bao!  You knew this was coming up right? The XLB seemed a bit larger in size but the skins tasted a bit too chewy? Otherwise there was the proper amount of soup inside and it was tasty.

Shanghai House RestaurantI have a weakness for chewy things like mochi and in this context, it would be Shanghainese Fried Rice Cakes! This version is served with preserved vegetables, bean sprouts and edamame beans. The texture was just right and it wasn’t too salty either. The veggies helped balance out the dish.

Shanghai House RestaurantThis is another one of my faves! Do I say that a lot…? Anyway this is Beef stir fried in a sweet honey-like sauce and served with small buns. I think you’re meant to put the meat in the buns but the buns are really small so it’s kinda hard. Also I think I’ve seen it served with more buns before. I love how tender the beef is and the sauce is delicious too.

Shanghai House Restaurant

Lastly we had to order a veggie dish. This was Chinese Lettuce served with something like ham but tasted more smoky like bacon. It was interesting because the ham gave the lettuce its’ saltiness and infused some smoky flavour with it too.

I didn’t feel particularly impressed with anything here. It was alright but I would probably stick to Top Shanghai.

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