Smokes Poutinerie: Holy Smokes!

Now I’m not a huge poutine fanatic but I do enjoy eating them like everyone else who loves fries. I was excited to try Smokes Poutinerie when I heard that we were getting out first location here in Vancouver. Their store is located on Granville St. next to Harvey’s and when I walked in with a friend for lunch it was empty. Maybe the location isn’t the most obvious since it’s easy to miss.

Smoke's Poutinerie

All their poutines are $7.99 and they have a lot of toppings like steak and pulled pork and chicken etc. I noticed that the Pulled Pork, Double Pork and Triple Pork were all the same price! Being the pulled pork fan than I am, I decided we had to get the Triple Pork! This includes Chipotle pulled pork, double smoked bacon and Italian sausage. Do you feel your arteries clogging yet?

Smoke's Poutinerie

We were NOT expecting this mountain of toppings! O.O We couldn’t even see the fries… The pulled pork had a mild sweet flavour to it and then everything else was just salty. Since there was a lot of toppings the fries underneath got a soggy and we had to get through the pile of meat before we could see the fries. There were plenty of squeaky cheese curds though! This was just one enormous portion and I don’t think I could’ve finished it by myself. At least it looks like you get your bang for your buck.

Smokes PoutinerieThankfully we also got a Pop Shoppe rootbeer to wash away the saltiness!

I liked that they had a variety of toppings but I also didn’t like the soggy fries. It would probably still be satisfying if you had a massive craving though.

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