The Factory: Cheap Eats

If cheap eats and loud music is your thing, you should check out the Factory. Located just half a block down from The Famous Warehous (also famous for cheap eats), the factory offers a similar package for $1 more. Hence everything is $5.95 instead of $4.95. Not a problem to me! In fact, there were no line ups here compared to the Warehouse too so that was another incentive to venture further down the block. If you’ve been reading my blog posts you may have noticed that I am not too fond of extreme darkness. So guess what? This place was DARK. There were a few small TV’s playing the sports channel and the walls were covered in some interesting posters? The menu was small but contained the usual variety you would find in a pub. I knew that the food wasn’t suppose to be good so I tried to keep my expectations low.

The FactoryFor some reason I wanted to try Enchiladas and I wasn’t hungry enough to order a burger. The enchiladas contain pulled beef topped with cheese, tomato sauce, and sour cream along with a side of Mexican rice. This felt like something I could get in the frozen section of the supermarket but covered with tomato sauce… The Mexican rice lacked flavour and felt dry but the copious amounts of tomato sauce certainly helped.

The Factory My friend ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese.Β The noodles were pretty soft and the sauce did not have much flavour at all. The portion size was good for the price though.

The Factory Excuse the super blurry pic. It was dark and I had to use flash and blind everyone. We also shared a Poutine.Β While I enjoyed the crispy thin cut fries, the gravy was way too salty and thick for my liking. Plain fries would have been alright though.

The quality of the food was similar to the Warehouse. I’ve only been there once so I can’t really say for sure. Maybe if it’s the same quality it’s not really worth a dollar more? The environment here is very casual and the service was quick and fairly friendly. It’s cheap and you get what you pay for. There are probably certain things that are worth ordering more. Anyway, I heard the Anaconda sandwich here is highly recommended.

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