White Spot: Adult Pirate Pak Day

I was super excited this year to try the adult pirate paks from White Spot! Every year they have a special day in the middle of August where adults can purchase the pirate pak and White Spot will donate $2 from each meal to the Zajac Ranch for Children. I visited the Oakridge location at lunch and the line up was about half an hour long so it wasn’t too crazy thankfully. My parents never really took me to White Spot when I was eligible for for the pirate pak so I’ve only had it twice before. I kept that cardboard ship for many, many years after though much to their chagrin.

White Spot Pirate Pak Day

The pirate pak menu is limited to four items but they all come with endless fries, coleslaw, pop, a chocolate gold coin and ice cream! All for $13.99 or less. My friend and I both chose the Bacon Cheddar Bigger Burger. The word bacon was enough to entice us. If you’re not interested in pirate paks, all of their regular menu items are still available.

White Spot Pirate Pak DayHere’s my burger! It really was very big especially compared to the space available in the ship. Even the slice of pickle was big. The bun was soft while the patty was thick, moist and juicy. It’s like the archetype of a classic bacon and cheddar burger. Completely satisfying. I couldn’t even finish it. The coleslaw and fries were standard. Since fries and pop are refillable, you will be very full afterwards.

White Spot Pirate Pak Day I was totally saving room for ice cream. Available flavours are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. No need to say what my favourite flavour is!

White Spot is the place for classic Canadian comfort food for families but don’t expect anything fancy! They also seem to be innovating more with their menu items. I wouldn’t mind coming back next year for another pirate pak too.

PS. I kept my pirate ship and put my minions in it. =)

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