Risty’s Cafe and Sushi Bar

My friend introduced me to Risty’s last month after telling me that she gets take out all the time there. I was surprised there was this little gem in our neighbourhood. Located near the corner of Granville and 70th, Risty’s is a cafe that serves breakfast and burgers but it’s also a sushi restaurant as well. It was an odd combination but it seems to work for them. The interior is quite small, there were maybe 6 or 7 tables and a small bar area for seating.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarThey have a lot of special rolls which I like and prices seem reasonable but they have quite a few on the pricey side. As a sushi bar, they serve pretty much some of everything.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarWe ordered some Gomae. It wasn’t that great and I’ve had better.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarWe also ordered Agedashi Tofu, The tofu was more rectangular and flat and served with the sauce separately.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarThis was the Ocean roll with eel, avocado, mango and coconut flakes. Quite tasty because I love BBQ eel but the coconut flakes didn’t do anything for me. The mango was also very fresh and gave every bit a nice pop of sweetness.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi Bar

We also ordered the Oshinko roll and the Unagi Avocado roll. The Oshinko roll was on the bland side for me, the pickle just didn’t taste very pickled at all. The Unagi Avocado roll was standard.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarThis was the Yummy roll with yam, prawn tempura, eel, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese, The yam was served hot and fresh and there was a variety of different textures going on here!

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarThen we had the Red Tuna roll with spicy tuna and cucumber inside and topped with masago and crispy bits. This was one of my favourite rolls because I like how it was crispy outside but soft and spicy on the inside.

Risty's Cafe and Sushi BarOkay I thought the last roll was pretty good already but this was like mind-blowingly good. Behold the Volcano roll! This had prawn tempura, cream cheese, eel, avocado, cucumber, and crab meat. It was suppose to come in 8 pieces but we got 10 but I’m not complaining! haha I thought Volcano rolls were suppose to be spicy but this one wasn’t. The plate was also sprinkled with a lot of crab meat and we finished that off too.

I realized almost all the rolls we ordered had eel in it haha I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food here despite the fact that it did look a tad shabby. I wouldn’t mind coming back and I’m sure they can deliver straight to my house too ;) Also they close at 9pm!

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