Umi Express: Almost Passable Parfaits

So I was at Richmond Centre and obviously I’m going to end up craving something from their new food court. I was on my way to the washroom and spotted parfaits from Umi Express. Or well the little counter beside it that also serves shaved ice. My shaved iced days are over so the parfait seemed like a nice sweet option. Furthermore, the picture didn’t make it seem all too big either.

Umi Express Parfaits

They have four flavours: Anmitsu (green tea & red bean), Strawberry, Chocolate and Mango. I was debating between the Anmitsu and the Chocolate and ended up going for the Anmitsu with “fresh waffle, vanille and green tea ice cream, red bean, fresh mochi, cake, crunchy flakes and whipped cream”.

Umi Express ParfaitSo first of all they put in the sponge cake and add a layer of corn flakes and then whipped cream around the edges. They also pour in a sweet syrup. Then they add more cake and corn flakes and some kind of jelly. The box she got it from was labelled aloe. Then there was more cake and flakes and whipped cream. 3 mochi balls were then put on top along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and green tea ice cream. The “fresh waffle” was prepared already and just heated up in a toaster and put on top. A scoop of red bean and more sweet syrup completed this parfait.

I have to say it did look a lot more impressive than what I was expecting. Okay so I liked the tops parts with the usual store bought ice cream and the syrup made the red bean and everything sweet. The waffle was kinda stale but I wasn’t actually expecting a fresh one anyway. I think there were enough layers that it didn’t feel like I was eating a ton of corn flakes or cake. The aloe jelly stuff was a tad sweet like the lychee jelly cups you get from Asian supermarkets. Eventually when I got to the bottom though the layer of cake was soaked from the syrup and not edible anymore (it’s all brown at the bottom in the picture). Unless you want a sugar overdose. The parfait felt one-dimensional because it was just really sweet by the time you got to the end of it. The person making mine probably overdid the syrup so I hope it’s not always like that…

It was really not bad for a food court and it was a good size but it was just way too sweet after. Maybe I’ll give the other ones a try since they probably don’t use the same syrup?

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