Swiss Bakery: Hello Frissant!

I’ve waited quite a while before doing this post because I’ve actually been sampling many of their baked goods for a whole month now =D (will blog about the other goodies soon) Conveniently enough, I work nearby now! Hurray! (Hello fall sweater body!) Swiss bakery is well known for their frissant, which is our version of the cronut. If you haven’t heard of the cronut by now… I’m sorry to say you might have been living under a rock. Essentially it’s a donut and croissant hybrid.

Frissant Swiss BakeryWhen I went there the first time, I knew I had to try their frissant! This was the Cookies and Creme version. There was a glaze on top with cookie crumbles sprinkled on top and a cream in the middle. The exterior had a bit of a crunch while the inside was made of light flaky layers. It almost seemed like the whole thing was made of a bunch of circular layers of light fluffy dough stacked on top of each other. Furthermore, the exterior was also coated in cinnamon and sugar which added sweetness to the hybrid pastry. I did enjoy the frissant but I think it might be over-hyped because even though it was GOOD it wasn’t like omg I have to buy a dozen and eat it everyday!!!

Since I know donuts and croissants aren’t that expensive I thought that their hybrid counter part would be around the same price. Obviously I was wrong since it is considered a specialty so it may deserve the $4 price tag. I would try their other flavours though! Also, I know they don’t sell out by 11am and they do make more during the day! So don’t worry about not getting your hands on one.

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