Eat Chicken Wraps

I’ve been meaning to try Eat Chicken Wraps for a while now after I heard about their Hoisin Chicken Wraps. Ok I think it sounds like I always start my post with “I’ve been meaning to try…”. Well I have a lot of places on my hit list!!! 8) Anyway, I was pretty excited for this hehehe I think I’m just eating through all the food trucks now.

Eat Chicken WrapsThere truck is always on Howe and Robson and they open later than most other food trucks too.

Eat Chicken Wraps


It’s funny that they serve hot dogs too. I kinda doubt anyone would order that here.
Eat Chicken WrapsTada! Here is the Hoisin Chicken Wrap. It was every bit as good as they say it is! The outside is a crispy Chinese green onion pancake. It was crispy and flaky and oh-so-good! The chicken inside was tender and well seasoned. I’m glad they didn’t overdo the Hoisin sauce either. It was flavourful either way and didn’t rely on the sauce. There was also crunchy greens to balance out the oiliness of the pancake too. A great lunch for a simple but well executed concept! I want another one right now…

Totally coming back!

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