Hanok Korean Restaurant

My friend and I were really not sure what to eat so we decided that the best strategy would be to walk up and down Alexandra Road until we saw something we liked. This actually worked for us haha We found Hanok Korean Restaurant and for some reason I’ve never noticed it before! It’s in the small plaza beside Jang Mo Jib. I also noticed that Kam Do Restaurant has been replaced by a different restaurant. Perhaps they moved?

We were interested in trying this Korean restaurant because we had previously been to Haroo and we really liked it so we wanted to compare and try other Korean options in Richmond. The interior was fairly large and spacious with a lot of wood motifs.

Hanok Korean Restaurant Menu

Hanok Korean Restaurant MenuWe went for lunch and they had lunch specials for $8.99 and you also get to choose a side dish too! It’s a steal to me.

Hanok Korean Restaurant

I of course I had to order the Bibimbap. Anything else just didn’t seem right to me. This bibimbap had a nice assortment of veggies, egg and well, more veggies! Not that I minded! I did find this dish lacking in flavour, I ended up using the hot sauce which actually wasn’t that hot either so it wasn’t that helpful. Overall it was still not bad but could be better. If you like your egg more runny then you might not be as happy though. However, I really don’t have a huge egg preference so it was fine to me. In fact, I mostly eat them scrambled in case you wanted to know.

Hanok Korean RestaurantMy friend had the Pork Back Bone Soup and it also came with a bowl of rice. I didn’t try much of this but there were no complaints.

Hanok Korean RestaurantWe also had some kimchi, seaweed and potatoes as our side dishes. The kimchi felt like it needed to be marinated longer, the seaweed was ok and the potatoes weren’t too special. The Spicy Rice Cakes was one of our side dishes and it was not that spicy and a little too soft for me and not chewy enough.

Hanok Korean RestaurantThe other side dish we had was the Korean pancake but I think it was called something else. This was alright too.

Okay nothing was particularly outstanding here it just seemed pretty mediocre to me. Keep in mind that it was $8.99 though. Or it could’ve also been the items we ordered weren’t that special. The verdict is that Haroo is much better but I wouldn’t mind coming back and giving them another try. The lunch specials are a good deal too.

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