Lunch at Guu Garden

My coworkers and I were going to go to Gyu-Kaku for lunch but there was a surprisingly long line up on Friday. So we just went upstairs to Guu Garden where it was pretty much empty in comparison. We just ordered from their lunch special menu which had items ranging from $9-15. The pricier sets include a salad and miso soup. Their regular menu is actually pretty small too.

Guu GardenI had the Chicken Karaage Rice Bowl (not sure if that’s what it’s really called). There was some cabbage underneath the large juicy pieces of chicken but they added way too much mayo! I just ended up mixing it in with my rice and I felt fat afterwards. Still good though! This was $9 and quite filling for me.

Guu Garden This was the Pork Katsu Don with an egg I believe. I tried a piece and it was really moist yet crunchy on the outside but I still prefer my chicken minus the mayo x)

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