Lunch at Gyu-Kaku

So in my previous post I said my coworkers and I had tried to go for lunch at Gyu-Kaku but it was super busy. With that in mind, we made reservations for the following Friday and what do you know? It wasn’t busy at all… >.>

Gyu-Kaku has Happy Hour from 11-30-6 and after 9pm everyday!!! How awesome is that? They also have a menu of lunch specials too. You can also make your own set by adding $3 to certain happy hour menu items.



After much much much debating, I ordered the Meat Lover’s Setย (toro beef shio, kalbi chuck tare, bistro hanger steak miso, rice, miso soup, & small salad). I am really not quite sure which meat is which but it all tasted good! I think this was a good deal for $10.95 and 3 kinds of meat. Also, their bowl of rice was huge. If you just get one type of meat and upgrade it to a set then the portion is a bit smaller too except it’s cheaper so you decide how much you want to eat!



Cooking the meat! It could take a while if you have a lot of people but that’s part of the fun right? Although if you have like 8 people there’s still only 1 grill on the table… The only problem I had was that sometimes I wasn’t sure if my food was cooked yet so sometimes it might be over or under cooked but if you can cook then it shouldn’t be a problem for you. They also give you 3 types of dipping sauces: a ponzu sauce, a sweet soy sauce and a spicy soy sauce? All three were quite tasty but the meat was well marinated enough already.

I like how they have a lot of variety and small appetizers but if you want to eat a lot of meat then it’s still going to be pricey. But definitely come for happy hour!

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