Finch’s Tea and Coffee House-Fancy Sandwiches

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things!

That’s what I was thinking as I walked away with my sandwich to-go from Finch’s Tea and Coffee House. My coworkers who have great taste in food suggested we get some sandwiches for lunch. The cafe definitely had a quaint and rustic feel to it. There was even this nice China cabinet with a sign advertising hot organic apple juice. Good for winter?

Finch's Tea and Coffee HouseWe had called earlier to order our sandwiches and we all got their Baked Brie, Roasted Walnuts, Proscuitto and Pear sandwich. That just sounds so fancy already doesn’t it?

Finch's Tea and Coffee HouseHere’s my sandwich waiting for me to unwrap! It’s just like how sandwiches are supposed to be wrapped in books I’ve read and I finally get one like that! Yeah I’ve never had a sandwich wrapped like this before it’s so fascinating! Ok I’ll stop being dramatic.

Finch's Tea and Coffee HouseOkay since my sandwich was taken to-go the presentation wasn’t all that great. I’ve seen pictures where the pears are beautifully arranged but I”m not going to complain about the way it looks. The sandwich was on a French baguette but I wish it had been warmed up. There were so many flavours going on here! The pear was definitely interesting. It wasn’t too soft nor too crunchy either but I’ve never had a pear in my sandwich before so I just found it really really weird. Maybe I would’ve liked it better if it was apple? I can relate to apples better. The proscuitto was slightly salty while the brie was creamy and it came in square chunks.Then to round it all off there was the crunchy walnuts and the balsamic vinegar too and there’s some of everything in every bite! The textures were pretty interesting too.

Sandwiches are much fancier than Subway! I wouldn’t mind trying another sandwich but maybe without pear…and you can always call ahead to order!

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